The Postpartum Phase

The Postpartum Phase.PNG

Pregnancy is Temporary, Postpartum is FOREVER.

We’ve done the baby thing and KNOW that it changed A LOT about our bodies.  But what should we expect from our bodies?  From ourselves?

Regardless of the ease or difficulty of the pregnancy or labor, many women are finding that their body has some unwelcome and lingering issues.  We OFTEN hear that “that’s just how it is” and “welcome to the mommy club”.


These “issues” can include enlarged hips that weren’t there before baby, leaky bladder, annoying or more problematic back pain, pain with sex or a new absence of orgasms, or a strange heaviness in the pelvis that is unpredictable or gets worse with more activity.

For many women, their bodies seem to go right back to their pre-baby status and that is AWESOME.  For others, there is a lingering feeling of  “will my body ever be remotely the same again?”

With all of the online chatter with phrases like “get back into your skinny jeans” or “ab challenge” and way more than we can ever list here, I felt the need to break down postpartum recover into 5 simple, no fluff categories that DO pay attention to function as well as how you feel physically.

Take the 5 Question Quiz and see where you are in your postpartum journey!

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