000: Introduction To The Birth Ready & Beyond Podcast!

The Birth Ready & Beyond podcast will be flipping the status quo of women’s health upside down and paving the way for more empowered, happy, and healthy women.

When it comes to the pregnancy through menopause journey, we are in the wild west of women’s healthcare.  There is SO MUCH that goes UNSAID or is DISMISSED when it comes to our health journey...

  • We are told to just worry about packing our hospital bag when it comes to preparing for labor.

  • We are told that everything will be back to “normal” at 6-8 weeks postpartum.

  • We are told that peeing ourselves is “normal”.

  • No one talks about the incredibly common issues we may have with our pelvic health.

  • Preparing our bodies for menopause is unheard of.

  • We are shown unrealistic expectations for our bodies DAILY with images of 6 packs and zero body fat.  

As a pelvic health physical therapist, I’ve seen too many women in my office tell stories of neglect, confusion, mishandled medical and pelvic health issues.  It’s time to FIX that!

We will get real, vulnerable, and provide SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, INFORMATION, and INSPIRATION.  You will learn from myself and experts in pelvic health and core health, sexual health, mental health, hormone health, fitness and more.

Women are so much stronger and better TOGETHER and we need a SAFE place where there is no such thing as TMI. And when WE are empowered, our DAUGHTERS are empowered as we pass our knowledge on to THEM.

Let’s LEARN, HEAL, & THRIVE together!