This page contains our Payment Policies for In Network, Out of Network, and Cash Patient Billing. You can also download a PDF for your records.

Buffy Stinchfield, PT will explain this policy to you and will have a copy of this form for you to sign at your first visit.

As a courtesy to our clients, we check their benefits regardless of in network or out of network and can share this information with them. However, EVERY interaction with an insurance representative or recording always includes "this information does not guarantee payment".


Payment Policy:

If we are in network with your insurance (Blue Cross), we will do our best to receive payment from your insurance. There will either be a co-pay or co-insurance which we can estimate and collect at the time of service. In the event that we are unable to be reimbursed from your insurance, the financial responsibility will be with the patient. Please note that estimates given by your insurance are never guaranteed by them.

In Network:

If you are in network with Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield we will bill your insurance and you will be responsible for either your copay and/or coinsurance. Copays are always due at the time of service. If there is a coinsurance due we will bill the patient.

If we are not in network with your insurance plan, we will make every effort to assist you with the reimbursement process by providing a free cost assessment (your deductibles, what your out of network benefits are, and give you an estimated cost based on the information your insurance provides). Payment will be due at the time of service and then we will assist with providing superbills with all necessary information to submit to your insurance.

Out of Network:

If you have any other type of insurance and have out of network benefits we will collect the full payment at time of service and then submit a superbill on behalf of the patient for reimbursement directly to the patient.

Or we submit a claim to your insurance company and you pay the coinsurance.

Cash Patient:

Patient pays in full at time of visit and receives a receipt.

Time of Service Discounted Rates: Initial Assessment Fee= $225, Follow-Ups= $150

There are some cases with some insurance plans that deductibles are small or have been met and the reimbursement for out of network is very close to in network. If this describes your plan, we can submit your visits to your insurance at our normal rate as a service to you without having to pay for the visit in full at each appointment. Once your insurance processes your visit, we will communicate what your remaining balance is to be paid.

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