005: Preparing For Menopause in Your 20's and BEFORE??

What is this thing called menopause?  What should we know about it? Can we make a difference in how we experience it in the future?  The answer is YES!

Find out the details on this life change that ALL of us girls will eventually experience as I interview Karen Snowden, a physical therapist and course creator of Menopause Matters for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Would you like to rock this phase of life and THRIVE?  Then you should DEFINITELY listen to this one!

Guest Bio:
Dr. Karen Snowden, PT, DPT, WCS


Dr. Karen Snowden is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board certified in women’s health (WCS) and holds specialty certifications through the APTA in pelvic floor dysfunction (CAPP-Pelvic) and pregnancy / postpartum (CAPP-OB).  She has been a practicing physical therapist for more than 25 years, currently specializing in women's and men's health. She is known for her comprehensive approach to helping patients achieve their personal goals, using a holistic approach.

Karen resides in Allentown, PA.  She received her physical therapy degree from Northeastern University and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Widener University.  In addition to treating patients, she teaches in the DeSales University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and mentors student physical therapy research.  She’s a national speaker educating physical therapists in pelvic and obstetric physical therapy, as well as menopause. She is active in the APTA Section on Women’s Health, and currently serves on the Nominating Committee, Education Review Committee, CAPP-Obstetric Committee, and is Chair of the CAPP Case Review Committee.  In her spare time, she plays tennis and travels.