006: Your Girlfriends Are Crucial To Your Health!!

Listen up girls!  You are going to want to schedule your next girl’s outing ASAP after listening to this podcast episode!  We get to talk all about the mental and physical health benefits of maintaining and nurturing our friendships.  Arianna gets super scientific about just WHY we need to keep time with friends such a priority in an already busy life.

Plus we will talk about ways to make the time for FACE TO FACE time within our busy lives.  Social Media DOES. NOT. COUNT!

And now you have something to tell your partner when they complain about you ditching THEM for your girls! ;)

Guest Bio:
Arianna Rees

Arianna Rees is a Clinical Mental Health counseling intern, holistic health coach, and gut health advocate. When she's not adventuring in the world of health and happiness, you can find her looking for new mountains to climb and sunny spots for her hammock. Follow her adventures and Self-care Friday's @feelbetterwithari on Instagram.