009: What Does A Chiropractor and a Pelvic PT Have In Common?

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee gets to speak with Dr. Madalyn Turner and discuss the benefits a chiropractor can offer during pregnancy or postpartum, how to find an appropriate chiropractor to meet your needs, and when she recommends you to see one. You will also get a taste of the similar goals chiropractors and pelvic PT's have for you!

Guest Bio:
Dr. Madalyn Turner


Dr. Madalyn Turner is a Chiropractor, The Fearless Women’s Mentor, and a podcast host. In the office, Dr. Madalyn enjoys helping pregnant mother’s during transition through their pregnancy to postpartum. She is also very passionate about helping women reconnect with themselves whether that’s through chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, mindset, etc.

She lives in Sunny Saint Petersburg Florida. She really enjoys the beach, CrossFit, and coffee.

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