010: Nutrition for Athletes

In episode 10, I have the pleasure of talking with Brianne Showman Brown. She is a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about helping her patients and community feel better, train better and crush their goals.

We talked about:

  • nutrition for athletes

  • thoughts on different popular diets

  • how nutrition can really help you get your performance to the next level… and it’s not super complicated!

Guest Bio:
Dr.  Brianne Showman Brown


Dr.  Brianne Showman Brown has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006. Since that time, she has been helping active adults and athletes get to peak health and performance.

As ideas and theories in rehabilitation and functional movement are constantly changing, she is constantly searching for the new information in order to get you back to the activities you love as quickly, but as safely, as possible.

Being a CrossFitter and runner herself, she also understands the desire to want to push through the pain, not wanting to take time off, and getting back to activity as soon as possible when required to take time off. She does her best to keep you active in the things you are able to do, modifying as necessary, but not taking you completely away from your training.

Check out this link for a free guide on brands that are actually healthy for you!