016: The Endometriosis Champion - Sallie Sarrel

Listen in as we chat with Sallie Sarrel, a pelvic physical therapist who has dedicated her career to advocating and caring for persons who suffer with endometriosis.  A condition that affects 1 in 10 women and takes an average of 9 years to diagnose.

Learn about her long personal battle with the condition, what endometriosis is, the best approaches to treating it, and the current status of endometriosis care in this country.

Plus, learn of resources to help you or friends, family members or patients affected by this condition.

If you have questions about endometriosis, you NEED to listen to this podcast episode!


Facebook Endometriosis Group: Nancy’s Nook

www.citizenendo.org/phendo/  (track symptoms)

www.endowhat.org  (documentary)


Guest Bio:
Sallie Sarrel, PT, ATC, DPT


After nearly two decades of pain and pelvic pain, Sallie was diagnosed with endometriosis.

She designed her Pelvic Physical Therapy practice to be a safe haven and a resource for all people with endometriosis and all who seek relief from pain that many believe is unmentionable. Sallie believes everyone should have a voice in their treatment.

With a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rutgers Med and a Master’s of Arts and Teaching from the University of Vermont, Sallie's work in the treatment of endometriosis and dyspareunia is unparalleled. She is supported by Endo What? and the Endometriosis Research Center (ERC). She has lectured worldwide including China and Brazil.  In 2016 she was the recipient of the Below the Belt Award from the Women's Health Association for her dedication to the field of women's health and her ability as a patient with endometriosis to have made lasting changes in the pelvic pain community. Her blog, Sallie Speaks, has been re-published worldwide. She is certified in New Jersey by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association as a Certified Athletic Trainer and has worked with many professional sports teams and Division I universities.

Sallie’s frustration with the standards of care in the United States for endometriosis and her desire to further endometriosis education inspired her to partner with Dr. Andrea Vidali for The Endometriosis Summit: Patient & Practitioner Town Meeting. Which is set to be the largest endometriosis patient driven conference, to date in the US.

Sallie sees patients in both New Jersey and New York City, as well as online as an endometriosis coach. She can be found on the tennis court, megaformer, or with her poodles in her spare time.

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Facebook: Sallie Sarrel Physical Therapist: Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Management

Instagram: @drsalliept

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