017: Madge The Vag By Scary Mommy

Have you seen Madge the Vag and her crazy field trips on YouTube or Facebook, always searching for answers to questions that would make most women blush?

As she makes us giggle with her questions and interactions, she is slowly educating the masses and getting answers to the things that most of us would not have the guts to ask a healthcare professional or doctor.

She has amassed over 500 thousand Facebook followers as a part of the Scary Mommy Blog regular posts and doesn’t show any sign of running out of questions to ask!

Listen as we interview Julie Kottakis, the woman behind the character Madge and get to know how this funny character came to be, and what she and The Scary Mommy Blog hope to do with Madge in the future.

Guest Bio:
Julie Kottakis


Julie is a New York based comedian who can be seen on the very popular web series, Madge the Vag as Madge and behind the scenes as a co-writer and co-creator.