018: Feeling Blue After Babies. What’s Normal And What’s Not?

The leap into parenting is a HUGE life transition.  What happens and what do we do when we are NOT coping or able to feel HAPPY about becoming a mom??

Join us as we talk with Priscilla Gilbert, a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in postpartum mental health as we talk about ALL THE THINGS mental health for this phase of life. You don’t want to miss the essential tools that she recommends for us during this time.

Guest Bio:
Priscilla Gilbert, LMHC


Priscilla Gilbert is a licensed counselor and owner of Lacamas counseling in Vancouver Washington. She has been in practice for eight years and specializes in supporting moms and dad’s in the perinatal and postpartum time.

Priscilla seeks to increase community awareness and education about mental health and life issues and offers one on one counseling for issues like depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and anxiety, parenting skills, anger management grief counseling, and abuse counseling.

She fully understands that the life transition for new parents can be overwhelming and encourages parents to seek out help.