021: The Power of Our Minds to Conquer Chronic Pain and Even Gain an Amazing Sex Life

Danielle Savory, a Life Coach and Mindset and Mindfulness Coach discusses her personal journey that led her from goals of going into medicine and neurology to becoming a life and mindfulness coach after a lengthy struggle with her own health. She shares her hard learned wisdom and incite after battling chronic pain and illness for 2 years, realizing that her thoughts had much more power than she had ever realized.

Guest Bio:
Danielle Savory


Danielle Savory is a Master Certified Life Coach, Mindset and Mindfulness Teacher and Speaker. She helps entrepreneurs experience more pleasure and success in their personal and professional lives. She has a podcast, "It's My Pleasure" which focusing on helping ambitious women navigate their minds and connect with their bodies to create a mind-blowing sex life.

Her educational background in science heavily influences her matter of fact of approach. She is a wife, a wild woman and mother of two young girls. Currently she is working on building a private retreat center in the foothills of Mt. Hood.