022: All You Need to Know About CBD on 4/20

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee discusses with Joel Greengrass the behind the scenes, making of, and benefits of CBD products. You do not want to miss this episode as we dive in about how to find the right products and exactly what to look for!

Also, Joel goes into detail all of the specifics about differences between isolate and full spectrum and what the terminology actually means!

Guest Bio:
Joel Greengrass

Joel Greengrass.jpg

Joel Greengrass serves as Chief Executive Officer of Theramu  the all-natural, wellness product line with 100% Cannabidiol and EFA-rich Emu oil. Greengrass raises the brand’s profile and expands its impressive list of customers through his exceptional leadership, the latest technology, and savvy revenue growth strategies.

Theramu’s patented formula is successfully providing effective relief to its customers suffering from symptoms including day-to-day pain, inflammation, migraines, eczema, MS, arthritis, and much more.

Prior to joining Theramu, Greengrass was a top operations and talent executive at brands including Buzzfeed, FanDuel, ideeli and Equinox.

Greengrass earned a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University, and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He resides in Montclair, New Jersey.


Theramu products were developed as safe all-natural alternatives to improve people’s lives by supporting numerous functions of the human body. The proprietary compound of 100% Cannabidiol and EFA-rich pure Emu Oil soothes chronic aches and discomfort, promotes vital cellular renewal, restores and repairs skin, and provides #TheramuRelief for a balanced mind and body. Decades of evidence demonstrate indisputable positive health outcomes and safety of pure hemp extract. The US government owns patent 6630507, further documenting cannabinoids potential application for many inflammatory conditions. Theramu’s ideals support the movement toward safe, patient-centric, whole-person healthcare.