007: Why I Went To A Pelvic PT Postpartum And What Was It Like?

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee, chats with patient Kathryn Swanson about what it is like to go through pelvic PT. They also discuss important keys to being a woman and being a mom. Listen in to discover whether your vagina needs a check up!

Guest Bio:
Kathryn Swanson

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Kathryn is a native of Asheville, NC currently residing in St. Petersburg, FL. With a background in social work, she is currently a business owner with a passion for women’s physical, mental, and financial health. She loves researching and discussing communally how the life skills of the early 20th Century can be merged with the digital age, specifically with families. You can find out more about her at www.frontporchesandfreedom.com.