• Prepare your body for the best possible delivery

  • Resolve back and pelvic pain during pregnancy

  • Hands on care during pregnancy to resolve back, hip and leg tension

At Pinnacle, we have the opportunity to help many pregnant clients not only survive their pregnancies, but THRIVE through them.  We are focused on resolving discomfort during pregnancy as well as helping our clients prepare their bodies for delivery.

The most common issues we see are...

  1. Women with a history of pelvic floor pain and tension who need help with learning to properly coordinate pelvic floor muscles (to be able to push effectively) and resolve loss of flexibility in crucial hip and pelvic muscles to allow baby to engage properly for birth. We are a strong advocate for Spinning Babies Daily Essentials, and prescribe specific exercises found within the Daily Essentials program based on the unique needs of each patient.

  2. Women who are trying to optimize chances for a successful v-bac with preparing their bodies for a successful delivery.

  3. Women who are experiencing back, hip or pelvic pain during pregnancy who needs specialized hands on care and tools to reduce pregnancy related pain and discomfort.

  4. Women who are experiencing urinary incontinence during pregnancy.

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