• Millions of women will experience symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse.

  • Most often around childbirth or in menopause.

  • In fact, about 50% of ALL WOMEN will prolapse to some degree.

When women seek out advice from their doctors, they are usually informed about the likelihood of surgery, but much less often about other more holistic and non surgical treatments. If they are, it is usually a brief discussion involving kegel exercises.

But let’s set things straight.

Pelvic organ prolapse (or POP) is a whole body issue involving many muscles and systems related to intra-abdominal pressure. Repetitive pelvic floor contractions (or Kegels) alone, will not be adequate to resolve a pressure system issue.

At Pinnacle, your therapist is an expert in helping women learn to reconnect with their core muscles and manage their intra-abdominal pressure with everyday movements as well as fitness activities.

We will also work with your doctor on other non-surgical options as well as help with post surgery (when needed) recovery to maximize outcomes and prevent relapses. Surgery alone will never resolve a whole body pressure system failure.

Living with POP and THRIVING is possible. It may be DIFFERENT than before, but symptoms and discomfort can be greatly reduced or managed.