• Are you sick and tired of mapping where the nearest bathrooms are?

  • Can't run, jump, or laugh without risk of leaking urine?

  • Have crazy urges and wonder if you will be able to make it to the toilet in time?

  • Wondering if this will affect you for the rest of your life?

Issues with bladder leakage or frequency are MUCH more common than you may expect.

  • As many as 30-80% of female highschool and college athletes leak with their sport.

  • 49% of women experience leakage a year after having a baby

Bladder issues usually stem from a imbalance of muscle coordination and strength of the core, pelvis and hips. If you think that Kegels alone will resolve these issues, GUESS AGAIN. The majority of women experiencing urine leakage in our practice actually have pelvic floor muscles that are OVER-TIGHT.

Doing more Kegels will only worsen the problem!

Solving bladder issues requires a holistic whole body approach to reset muscle coordination and balance as well as address alignment issues that may be aggravating symptoms.

Want to get back to or continue running, weight lifting or other activity leakage free? We can help you progress back to these activities with focus on running or lifting form that will help you to integrate your newly trained core muscles with the activity for the best success.