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Preparing For Childbirth

Are you expecting your first baby and nervous about the delivery? Or want to have a better delivery experience the 2nd or 3rd time around? This prenatal checklist is filled with ACTIONABLE things you can do NOW to best prepare your body for an optimal vaginal delivery. Topics like proper pushing, perineal tear prevention, best exercises to prepare and birth positions are all addressed in this Prenatal Guide!

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Postpartum Recovery

When it comes to postpartum self care, the information we find is usually general and vague when what we REALLY need is SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE things we can be doing before our due date to prepare for the first postpartum weeks and what we should be doing to care for ourselves in the first weeks following delivery. This Ultimate Postpartum Guide has BOTH! Plus my favorite lactation supporting energy bite recipe!

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Pelvic Pain Solutions

Pelvic pain is more common than you may know. Up to 50% of all women will experience painful sex at some point in their lives. Also, many women suffer from bladder leakage due to pelvic floor muscles that are constantly over-tense. This pelvic tension series is a GREAT place to start to work through both pain and tension. Using breathing and stretches, you can start to both identify the muscles that are tight in your body and resolve it.

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse will affect just under 50% of ALL WOMEN in their lifetimes. And yet, NO ONE is talking about it! Not only this, but women are very often not told the whole story by their health care providers. There really is more that we can and NEED to do to resolve or manage prolapse symptoms other than surgery alone! This guide will give you actionable things you can start to work on NOW to prevent or treat pelvic prolapse. And I will show you WHY surgery alone will not be the quick fix you'd been hoping for.

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Bladder Health

Do you find yourself mapping the location of every bathroom? Not being able to sneeze or jump without an occasional leak? Having pain with urination or unable to completely empty? Though Common does NOT = Normal, so many women are suffering needlessly due to the thought that there is NO HELP. When in fact, there are MANY types of bladder issues and MANY solutions that I teach women DAILY and help give them back their sanity and dignity. This bladder health guide is a wonderful start to get you there too!

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Hormone Balance

From the moment we start our first period through the remainder of our lives, our hormones are ever changing and fluctuating. And they can have a HUGE impact on our mental health, physical health, energy, and more. For women of all ages,, seed cycling can be a very helpful tool to help with regulating our cycles and minimizing some of the not so awesome symptoms such as heavy bleeding and PMS as well as help with fertility. Check out this easy to understand guide on seed cycling and see how food can actually be medicine!

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Buffy Stinchfield, PT

Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Specialist in:

• Womens & Pelvic Health
• Female Athletes
(casual to serious)
• Pelvic Health
• Bladder/Bowel Health
• Low Back Pain
• Sacral Pain

• Core Function
• Diastasis Recti
• Chronic Pelvic Pain
• Prolapse Care
• Integrating Physical Therapy & Functional Medicine Principles